As the battle between the so called ‘wailers and hailers’: euphemism for the pro-Buhari and anti- Buhari groups rage on in the polity, those who had gotten a respite a few weeks ago over the masterful political dexterity of the June 12 validation by president Muhammadu Buhari, now find themselves once again on the back foot and on the defensive following our inexorable and renewed descent to anarchy. Mind you, there are those who truly believe that patriotism is shown as an article of faith only when we deliberately choose to live in denial.

Their creed therefore, is that of the wellness of the nation even in the midst of strife and turmoil. While their oft repeated statement of “It is well” is borne out of hope and faith for the eventual triumph of good over evil in our country – a very much desired commodity, the subsequent manifestations ring hollow because those who proclaim such blessings upon the country are usually ill disposed and in a permanent state of inertia and inactivity when it comes to making good on their wishes. They want the country to be better but will not lift a finger to make the sacrifice necessary for national redemption. They like the Tunji Braithwaites, Gani Fawehinmis, Chima Ubanis, the Bamidele Aturus et al, but not their burdens. They pray often for the liberation of the country but conveniently forget that the instrument of their salvation makes it abundantly clear that “prayer without works is dead”.

On the other hand, it would appear that those, whose verbal undertakings and postulations (the wailers) are reflective of our existential realities are seen as permanent critics, naysayers, instigators and promoters of government failures. If they are not careful, they are called armchair critics who would soon be disgraced when the government eventually gets its acts right. But the truth must be told. As it was in the past, is now, and will be in the future, this government and incoming governments will never get their acts right until the fundamental contradictions that have kept us down from the beginning of our national existence till date are confronted in a spirit of nationalism and patriotism. The vestiges of patrimonialism and ethno-centricism, powered by the need to satiate the self-serving interests of a rabidly rapacious and rampaging political class must eventually be broken down irredeemably for our country to move into a new phase.

Meanwhile, the frenzied ‘support by all means’ group of Buharist hailers have taken the paroxysm of political zealotry to a whole new level of ridicule in an attempt to shore up the dwindling political fortune of the president. In an attempt to defray public attention from the impact of the carnage in Plateau state, they are reminding us to also pay attention to the unfortunate tragedy in Cross River State where people have been killed and houses burnt. I do not know what the ‘hailers’ mean to achieve by drawing our attention to another centre of violence and strife in the country which would ultimately provoke questions about the president’s continuous fitness and ability to govern. But we grieve and mourn with our brothers and sisters in Cross River state over their losses as we deeply regret the inability of our president and the government he runs to keep us safe.

It is well”, indeed!

Achike Chude

JDPC, Lagos 

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