Rehabilitation Center at Alakuko is being resuscitated. The sum of N20, 000,000 (Twenty Million Naira) was received from His Eminence, Anthony Cardinal Okogie for the commencement of the project. A new committee to be headed by the Director is being re-constituted.

COMMUNITY SURVEILLANCE PROJECT (Formation of Civil Coalition for Good Governance CCGG)

The Community Surveillance Project is an on-going project. It has been adopted as a national project by the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria to be replicated all over the Nation. The Civil Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG) is being formed under this project. Parishes have under-gone series of trainings to empower them on CCGG. List of stakeholders’ data in communities are being collated to form the coalition.

  • Skill Acquisition Program

As part of an integrated programme to equip the most vulnerable sections of the population to escape from Poverty and unemployment, a series of hands-on training programmes on Bead Making, Soap Making, Catering, Tye & Die, GSM Repair, Hairdressing and Computer application Training. The first batch of graduates concluded their 4-Week intensive Training programme and was presented with certificates in December of 2005 and subsequently in 2010 and 2013. There were also series of seminars for the trainees on “Youth Empowerment through Self Reliance and Entrepreneurship”

  • Micro-credit Scheme for Urban Poor Women

The JDPC Micro Finance scheme started in October 2005 with some women in St Matthew’s Parish, Amukoko comprising mainly of widows, and has since then spread out to other Parishes, outstations and communities within the Lagos Metropolis. The purposes for which the Micro-Finance Scheme was initiated are:

  1. To make small loans available to the poor without collateral
  2. To help reduce the high level of urban poverty in Lagos State
  3. Create opportunities for a better life for the less privileged in our society
  4. Promote skill acquisition through training and providing loans for start off
  5. To help eliminate the high level of dehumanization in our society through economic empowerment


The Deaneries will start stepping down of the Community Surveillance Project training at the parish and Community level in 2013 as mandated by the Secretariat. Parishes organize skills acquisition programmes for youth. Some operate micro finance scheme to assist widows and petty traders and embarked on charity visit to prisons and release inmates that are unlawfully detained. They also organize seminars to mark International Days.


The In-Touch Magazine remains the official mouth-piece of the JDPC and is published on a quarterly basis (though it has been very difficult to sustain the publication due to the constraint of required funds). JDPC also publishes the Budget Track Newsletter, which is dedicated to monitoring state and local government budgets, revenue and expenditure. Two different books, one focusing on the performance of legislators and the other on service delivery at the LGA level was published and presented to the public by the centre.