The JDPC Archdiocese of Lagos organized integrated empowerment programmes on Agricultural development, skill acquisition and Micro Finance/Micro Credit Scheme. Under Agricultural development, it organized fora (workshops, seminars, meetings, etc) where the capacity of farmers was enhanced towards increasing their productivity and institutional level for the benefit of the immediate community and nation at large as well as facilitating the provisions of Agricultural Extension services to farmers at the grassroots. Through skill acquisition, the JDPC creates opportunity for individuals and persons (especially but not limited to Youths and women, displaced persons, ex prison inmates, people living with disabilities, etc) in the society to acquire skills in different vocations. The JDPC also provides access to loans for members as well as their choice of business cooperatives in order to boost its efficiency.

In line with this, the JDPC have carried out the following activities under the following sub-heads:

  • International Day For Elimination of Violence against Women