The JDPC Lagos runs programmes and projects that target the needs of the most disadvantaged sections of the population, especially women, children and the elderly. These programmes are designed to harness the potentials of and build the capacity of these groups, towards making them self-sufficient. There is also the skill acquisition and empowerment scheme which provides small groups of women, widows, petty traders and peasant farmers.

Adult education classes are run at various communities in the state for the target groups. The procedure for achieving this includes the formation of group meetings in market places, JDPC premises and Town/village Halls, as well as joint visitations to skill training centres. The JDPC Lagos also cooperates with relevant governmental agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations in carrying out activities in the area of promoting Gender Mainstreaming.

In line with this, The JDPC have carried out the following activities under the following sub-heads:

  • International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017