JDPC Lagos through its various units at the Deanery and Parish level, usually carry out Prison outreach which includes release of prison inmates and providing welfare materials for the well being of the Prisoners. We carried out these apostolate works in the five prisons in Lagos State namely: Ikoyi Prison, Badagry Prison, Kirikiri Maximum Prison, Kirikiri Medium Prison and Kirikiri Female Prison. We also facilitated the provision of certain amenities for the welfare of the Prison inmates and provided counseling and legal services to the indigent citizens pro bono.

We facilitated the release of a total number of eigthy-five inmates from four Prisons (Kirikiri Medium Prison, Kirikiri Female Prison, Ikoyi Prison and Badagry Prison) in Lagos State. This was carried out from the period of February to December 2017.

The pictorial representation of some of the prison inmates that were released are as follows:

A female prison inmate with her one year and four months old baby was released from Kirikiri Female Prisons. She gave birth to the child in 2016 at the Prison and the JDPC delegates who took charge of her matter followed up on her case, which was filed at Ikeja Magistrate Court, to ensure her release. After her release, she was taken to the Maza-maza Bus terminal where she boarded a bus to Enugu to meet and resettle with her relatives.

The JDPC Lagos Legal Officer, Miss Ibironke Ogunleye appeared before His Honour, A.A. Adesanya at the Ojo Magistrate Court in Ojo Magisterial District on behalf of one indigent Prison Inmate who has been remanded prison custody since August 2017, though he was granted bail but it was difficult for the family members to perfect the bail conditions.

In view of that and the fact that he had suffered the consequences of what he did and he was remorseful of his action/offence he committed, we pleaded with the mind of the court on his behalf that the matter be struck out and he be released from Prison custody. Our request was granted by the Court, the matter was struck out and he was released to us.

The picture shows the released inmate with his relatives and the JDPC Lagos Legal Officer who handled the case.

As a way of assistance, JDPC Lagos give a token to the released inmates to help with their transport back home and also, to help them to start up a small scale business.

Some of the pictures are shown below:

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGos) and Stakeholders were invited to discuss on the state of the Badagry Prisons with the new Deputy Comptroller of Prisons, DCP Esan Patrick O.. The meeting was convened to sensitize the Non-Governmental Organizations to help the Prisons to get some major social amenities like water, recreation facilities, vocational facilities, health facilities, beddings in the cells, just to mention a few.

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