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J DPC is an acroymn for Justice, Development and Peace Commission. The Justice, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) is the structure through which the Church responds to social issues affecting all men and women created in the image and likeness of God. The manner of this response is based on the Social Teachings of the Church (STC).

The State/Government is not a society. It is only part of society and exists to serve the society. The Church too is also part of the society and cannot isolate herself from it. Therefore, the activities of the Church cannot be confined solely to the sanctuary, Parish rectories, convents and mission fields. Hence, the JDPC, which started in the Archdiocese of Lagos in the early 90’s, is the development agency of the Church in partnership and cooperation with relevant Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Community-Based Organizations (CBO), Community Development Associations (CDA), other Civil Society Organizations (CSO), individuals, and governmental agencies.

Inter alia the many social works and Community Development Projects/Programmes, the Lagos Archdiocesan JDPC is actively engaged in promoting human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability, alternative dispute resolution, and peace building.


  • To promote the quality of life for all people through the enhancement of human development.
  • To promote and sustain human rights and dignity as contained in such instruments as universal declaration of human rights; the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, and the Nigerian Constitution.
  • To animate and form groups to participate in their own development for the common good.
  • To build the capacity of individuals and groups, so that they are able to help themselves and contribute meaningful to the society.
  • To make a preferential option for the poor and marginalized.
  • To identify unjust structures and take corrective actions.

  • To create a forum for information gathering and dissemination as a community empowerment tool.
  • To cooperate and network with international agencies, governmental agencies and other NGOs for integral development, poverty reduction and good governance.
  • To propagate and promote the Social Teachings of the Church (STC) as a way of contributing to the process of social transformation.


Human Rights, Prison Welfare and Legal Aid
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC usually provides free Legal Aid/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Counseling services to indigents and less privileged in the society; conducts seminars and workshops, human rights education and civic enlightenment programmes, researches and publishes information relating to human rights…

Integral Health and Well-being
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC organized medical outreach for the displaced persons (especially women and children) and the less privileged people in the society so as to ensure healthy living. The JDPC also cooperates with relevant Governmental Agencies, other NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and CBOs (Community Based Organizations) to successfully carryout activities that relate to Integral Health and Well-being.

Integrated Empowerment Development Programmes
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC Archdiocese of Lagos organized integrated empowerment programmes on Agricultural Development, Skill Acquisition and Micro Finance/Micro Credit Scheme. Under Agricultural development, it organized fora (workshops, seminars, meetings, etc) where the capacity of farmers was enhanced towards increasing their productivity…

Gender Mainstreaming

Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

These programmes are designed to harness the potentials of and build the capacity of these groups, towards making them self-sufficient. There is also the skill acquisition and empowerment scheme which provides small groups of women, widows, petty traders and peasant farmers…

Democracy and Good Governance
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC Lagos, undertakes public interest litigation in respect of governmental policies or social practices that infringe on the rights and well-being of the people. The JDPC conduct seminars and workshops, research and publications relating to good governance issues…

Resource and Human Capacity Development Programme
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC, in other to achieve its goals and objectives, facilitates the strengthening of the capacity of its staff and Parish/Deanery Delegates’ to effectively respond to the challenges of social development in their communities, through relevant trainings…

JDPC Fund Raising Activity – Lenten Campaign
Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

This annual programme is coordinated by the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace through the Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria and implemented by each Archdiocese/Diocese of the Federation. The purpose of the program is to apply the values…

JDPC Farm Project

Legal Aid_Release of Prisoners from Badagry Prisons

The JDPC farm is an on-going project which one of its aims is to serve as a fund raising venture for the JDPC. The farm project covers fishery, piggery, poultry, etc so as to serve as a source of income for workers on the farm and as a means of raising funds to carry out some JDPC activities…


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