It is amazing how so many people, organizations and political parties lose their voices when it comes to the continuous and unrestrained murders of Nigerians by armed terrorist gangsters that the government has so far refused to call by their names. Even the president and security chiefs describe the one sided mayhem as farmers/herders clash. Although the victims are usually slaughtered on their beds, the tragedy is still called farmers/herders clash. Not even the inclusion of babies and little children as victims is enough to give the carnage its real description – which is the mindless, meaningless and savage killings of innocents. How can the government and security chiefs wash their hands of the crimson coloured blood of helpless and hapless Nigerians whose country can neither defend them while alive nor avenge them in their graves? But the government could have a genuine excuse for the enduring carnage if the reason for its inability to rein in the violent marauders is because Nigeria is now generally acknowledged as a failed or failing state. It must be one of the above because the weakened or near collapsed structure of state is no longer only within the realm of speculation. It is happening before our very eyes. But of equal significance is the almost total conspiracy of silence by those who should speak up. Labour will not speak up, Civil Society has no say, left political parties and left organizations pretend that they have a greater insight on the Nigerian conundrum and therefore feel too intellectually sophisticated to talk on a matter that is mundane. Yet some others do not want to speak out for fear of violating the principle of political correctness. So who will speak for the babies and children whose crime was to be born in our historical epoque – a period of strife, division and an unconscionable political elite and a people condemned to eternal obeisance and servitude? Who will cry for those whose right to life has once more been cut short while their government continues in the macabre dance of political senility and inanity? In the days to come, as light is light and day is day, many more people will be killed in our country, either by day or by night.

There is nothing the president or his government can do about it. There is nothing the security agencies can do. Those destined to fall by the bullets of the marauders will fulfill their destiny of dying at the hands of their conquerors in a most gruesome manner. How can a people and a nation be so incapable and impotent? Those who will die will die at the hands of killers. If that happens, when it happens, one thing the government can also not do is to apprehend the killers. Apprehension and punishment of these killers is beyond the purview and capacity of the Nigerian state. Let those of us in Lagos Awka, Abeokuta, Minna, Calabar and other safe abodes and enclaves in the country sleep well and dream well because the terrors of the night have been kept at bay, but only for now. Those who have decided to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, even to speak ill of the devil must remember that they have a duty to listen to the cries of the orphan and the lamentations of the widow. This is our whole duty – to be our brothers’ keeper. Shame to those who will not speak against evil. The killings in our country are pure evil. IT MUST BE STOPPED.


Achike Chude,

JDPC, Lagos

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