JDPC Final Strategic Meeting with Deanery & Parish Coordinators

The JDPC Final Strategic Meeting marked the last meeting for the year 2017 and it was attended by the coordinators and Secretaries from One hundred and five (105) Parishes and Deaneries across the Archdiocese. Report of activities and programs organized within the Parishes, Deaneries and the Archdiocese were discussed at the meeting.

Each Deanery gives a detailed report of programs/activities including attendance, Names of discussants, Funds expended, challenges faced and various achievements from the programs/activities. Other pending programs were also discussed and specific dates assigned to them. Members were generally encouraged to attend all these programs so as to broaden their horizon and outlook.

In addition, Secretariat reports were given at the meeting and projects to be embarked upon or have been embarked or accomplished were deliberated upon as well as external programs attended by JDPC Staffs/delegates were reported and deliberated upon.

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