The 2017 International Women’s Day (IWD) was hosted by the Justice, Development and Peace Centre (JDPC) Archdiocese of Lagos, in collaboration with the Confraternity of Christian Mothers (CCM), St. Dominic Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos. The conference was part of the Sustainable Development Goals organized to educate participants on the significant role of women in the society. The accomplishments, challenges and prospects of women today were discussed and helpful suggestions were given to participants.

The global theme of the 2017 IWD was: ‘WOMEN IN THE CHANGING WORLD OF WORK: PLANET 50-50 BY 2030’, ASKING FOR #BEBOLDFORCHANGE. To drive home this year’s message, the organizers selected and articulated relevant sub-themes in the areas of combating trafficking in persons, kidnapping and other related social malaise plaguing our society.

The JDPC IWD program centered more on trafficking in persons, kidnapping and curbing the social menace in the society. The Keynote speaker, Mrs. Mbelede discussed on the global theme: “BE BOLD FOR CHANGE” where she stressed the need for women to stand for change and ensure this is reflected in the society at large.

The Second speaker, Mrs Funke Kolawole, who was a Representative from NAPTIP (The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons), spoke on the Topic: “THE SCORGE OF TRAFFICKING IN PERSON IN AFRICA, NIGERIA AS A CASE STUDY”. She talked of the need to kick against trafficking of women, girls and children and also help to propagate this in our various environments.

The third speaker, Prof. Sarah Oloko, spoke on the topic: “THE ACHIEVEMENT OF WOMEN IN NIGERIA”. She spoke of the achievements of women in Nigeria especially in the nation’s polity and encouraged women to be more involved in politics so as to ensure there is a great change in the Nation.

The fourth speaker, Mrs Chinwe Nwune spoke on the topic: “THE MENANCE OF KIDNAPPING IN NIGERIA VIS A VIS ERODING OF AFRICAN CORE VALUES”. She spoke of the hazards of trafficking in persons. She stressed the need to uphold eroding African core values.

The fifth speaker, Dr. Franca Atoh spoke on the Topic: “THE ROLE OF NIGERIA IN ACHIEVING THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS”. She emphasized on the need to take into cognizance the various Sustainable Development goals and ensure that they are achieved.

The last speaker, Dame Felicia Okoli spoke on the Topic: “BEING THE MOST EFFECTIVE WOMAN IN YOUR CHOSEN CAREER”. She advised all the women who were present at the program to ensure that they are most effective in their various chosen career.

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