The JDPC Secretariat Staff and some delegates attended the One-Day Forum organized by the National Orientation Agency in collaboration with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung at Ikeja, Lagos. The forum discussed Democracy, Rule of Law and Prosperity for all.

The Keynote Address was delivered by Professor Abolade Adeniyi. His topic was: “ARE YOU SATIFIED”? HOLDING PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDERS RESPONSIBLE FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE IN NIGERIA. He emphasized that citizens should make Elected Officers Accountable to them. He pointed out five major things citizens should do, namely: Citizens should know their representatives and ask them questions; Citizens should put their concerns into writing by way of petitions; Citizens should not mortgage their tomorrow, that is, they should not trade their rights and morals for money; Citizens should report their concerns to civil society/organizations; and citizens should form local pressure groups.

At the forum, the participants were also taught about the need for democracy and rule of law to flourish in our Country Nigeria. The forum was attended by stakeholders from all works of life and they were able to air their views on public office holder’s responsiveness to the plight of the citizens and the need for accountability to citizens in their various constituencies.

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