Inaugural National conference on anti-Human Trafficking by Salvation Army

The Salvation Army (Nigeria Territory) held an inaugural National Conference on Anti-Human Trafficking with the Theme: “Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Collaborative Working, sharing and Lobbying as a Pathway for Sustainable Change”. It was a two day conference which dealt solely on the issue of human trafficking in our world today and what we, in our various parastatals ought to do in other to curb it.

Messer Paska Moore who gave a paper presentation on Community Based Victim care and support: An integrated Approach to Survivors Identification and Support. She spoke about the integrated approach given to survivors and the support programmes they require to restore them back.

Mr. Idonije, representative of News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) gave his paper presentation on Reportage of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery issues in Nigeria: The role of media as a change agent. He highlighted the various ways through which media could be a channel  through which report of human trafficking could be sent out in order to stop this menace.

The paper presented by Rev. Fr. Raymond Anoliefo (JDPC Lagos Director) on behalf of Rev. Fr. Evaristus Bassey (Executive Secretary, Catholic CARITAS Foundation of Nigeria) was based on the Pivotal role of Faith Based Organizations in ending Modern Slavery: An insider perspective. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of solidarity which will be a means through which there could be an end to modern slavery. He also mention that FBOs should be an anti- human trafficking advocates and ensure they engage more in faith based programs. He said we can put to effect the five P’s of SDGs which are: Peace, people, planet, prosperity and partnership.

The representative from the Immigration office spoke on the Current TIP Law Enforcement and Survivors Return Process in Nigeria: Nigeria Immigration Service in Focus. He informed us about the measure through which they prevent the immigrants from going. They inform them about the menace attached to travelling to those country for the purpose for which they wanted to go. Most of them don’t listen, they would rather go ahead. They will then start to call when they start encountering different problems. They come to the rescue of most of them that call for help.

Mr. Denis Onoise, representative from UNICEF gave his remark on how they partnered with the Chief Justice of Lagos State to release some Prison Inamtes who were held to be Minors. They were able to release thirty-five fom Kirikiri Prison and Eighty Prison Inmates from Badagry Prison. They started Justice Administration as a way of rehabilitating the children.

Lastly, one of the victim of Human trafficking, who has been restored back to her normal state spoke to us on how she was stylishly taking out of the Country to Italy by her family friend in 2012. It was a pleasant experience for her but when God was able to intervene in her matter through the help of some people, she was able to overcome the trauma and had since decided to be part of the movement creating awareness to end human trafficking.

At the end of the program, Participants were given a Certificate of Participation and all were equipped to continue to create awareness to end the menace of human trafficking in Nigeria.

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