The JDPC in coalition with the CSCSD and other stakeholders held a conference at the Justice Development and Peace Centre, Yaba Lagos. The major aim of the conference was for all stakeholders to deliberate on different ways through which the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved.

SDGs which succeeded MDGs in 2015 have been tagged as “THE WORLD’S TO-DO LIST BY 2030”; they are a set of Seventeen (17) goals. These goals apply to every nation and every sector (cities, businesses, schools, organizations etc). They are all interconnected. It is therefore pertinent that all stakeholders in every sector put heads together to streamline the SDGs into their plans/projects.

The goal of this conference was to bring together stakeholders from all sectors of the Nigerian economy to establish synergies, partnerships and strategies on how to work together to achieve the SDGs. So far, there has not been sufficient partnership amongst the stakeholders and this has resulted in negative consequences which include: focusing too much on a few of the goals at the expense of others, duplication of activities, amongst others.

The conference was attended by representatives from the government sector, academia, students, media, development partners and CSOs. All stakeholders present spelt out what they had done so far on SDGs and their future plans. Out of the Seventeen (17) goals, eleven (11) goals were identified as top priorities by the stakeholders.

At the end of the conference synergies/partnerships were established, a road map for action was spelt out with commitment from all stakeholders present.

In addition, the CSCSD held coalition meetings every month to deliberate on those goals that have been achieved to an extent and how they can partner with government parastatals to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are fully achieved. This is a continuous project to ensure that the goals are fully achieved by 2030.