The promotion of sustainable and integral human development through holistic empowerment approach, and enhancing effective structural transformation of the society, without any form of discrimination.


To bring the kingdom of God within the society in its entirety, liberating all people from every oppressive force that keep them under bondage, irrespective of race, creed and gender.

  • To promote the quality of life for all people through the enhancement of human development.
  • To promote and sustain human rights and dignity as contained in such instruments as universal declaration of human rights; the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights, and the Nigerian Constitution.
  • To animate and form groups to participate in their own development for the common good.
  • To build the capacity of individuals and groups, so that they are able to help themselves and contribute meaningful to the society.
  • To make a preferential option for the poor and marginalized.
  • To identify unjust structures and take corrective actions.

  • To create a forum for information gathering and dissemination as a community empowerment tool.

  • To cooperate and network with international agencies, governmental agencies and other NGOs for integral development, poverty reduction and good governance.
  • To propagate and promote the Social Teachings of the Church (STC) as a way of contributing to the process of social transformation.